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Moscow is one of most exclusive nightlife destinations in the world & Moscow Stag is the expert for English speaking travellers on bachelor parties, boys-out-weekends or anybody looking for night-life tours with Russian girls as guides.

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Moscow Nightlife

Moscow Nightlife test

The real Moscow nightlife is very much about Fridays and Saturdays. There are venues open on other days as well, but to hit the crowds the two weekend nights are essential.

Your Moscow stag night should start with a dinner & few rounds in one of the bars or restaurants. You can visit a preparty lounge bar around 10.30 PM or head directly to club.

The patrons typically expect you towards 12.30 AM to have your table reservation guaranteed. Soon afterwards the real partying starts as of 1.00 AM and lasts last till 4.00 AM or 5.00 AM, when hardcore goers swith to afterparty clubs.

There are several areas for nightlife in Moscow, so in 95% of cases expect cab costs on the night out.

Some of the best clubs are on Strelka area on the river island, another hub is around Kitay-gorod and Lubyanka, but as said there are good bar areas & nightclubs in several locations of central Moscow.

Moscow Practical Tips

Moscow Practical Tips test

Moscow is well connected with all major European & World airports by the major national airlines.
Since few years there are also some low cost airlines flying to Moscow from Europe and UAE.

Russian capital is no more the city, where vodka rules all the nights. Trendy cocktail bars, posh wine cellars and emerging craft beer breweries move Moscow 's drinking culture to the world metropolis level.

The local currency is Russian ruble (sign: руб or р., code RUB). The exchange rate is around 1 USD = 75 RUB and 1 EUR = 90 RUB, but tends to vary.

The official language is Russian and it uses Cyrillic script.

You may find people speaking decent English in the central & more costly locations. The less central and cheaper venues are not foreigner focused.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Zdravstvuy" = hi
- "Do svidaniya" = goodbye
- "Pozhaluysta" = please
- "Spasibo" = thank you
- "Odno pivo, pozhaluysta" = One beer please
- "YA ne govoryu po russki" = I don't speak Russian


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